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    The community for curious individuals, entrepreneurs and business owners,

    hosting speaker events and workshops to connect people, ideas and technologies

    to boost business growth and optimise business activities, bringing out the maximal

    performance of the available resources with the goal of efficiency and excellence in business.






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  • Entrepreneur is not a status. It's a mindset.

    About us

    One belief

    For us, an entrepreneur is not only a startup owner. Everybody can be an entrepreneur – working in a startup, in a big corporate, or not at all. It's a mindset that defines curious individuals who want to contribute to the economy and society by performing on a high level of efficiency and excellence.

    One mission

    Ideas for Entrepreneurs is the community that supports the entrepreneurs-in-mind to bring out the maximal performance of available resources by connecting people, ideas and technologies in roundtables, workshops and speaker events.

    Multiple formats

    You want to start a business, boost a running business, or just learn from different industries? Our community can help.

    • Speaker Events on entrepreneurial skills and challenges, professional experience sharing and personal development topics
    • Roundtables on industry insights and lessons learned on the entrepreneurial journey
    • Workshops to get in-depth insights into specific topics of relevance for starting, running or developing a business
    • Networking to get to know the experts around you that can support you in specific tasks
    • Coaching & Consulting to work on your individual challenges to free the maximal performance of your available resources
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